Blacklight Retribution

Although the free-to-play model has previously been something that has stuck to online PC games and casual smartphone games, it seems things are slowly starting to move towards a similar free-to-play model on consoles as well.

This is definitely going to be the case if Zombie Studios get their game onto the PlayStation and Xbox 360 if their plans go ahead. The popular shooter, Blacklight Retribution for a while has been a topic between Zombie Studios and their PC publisher Perfect World, discussing a possible release on hardware consoles.

However, recently Perfect World has finally given permission to Zombie Studios, and both Sony and Microsoft are happy to give space for the shooter on their consoles.

Currently it's unknown whether the game will make it to the current generation or the next generation, and most importantly, whether the game will be free to play like its PC counterpart, or if it will follow a more traditional console purchase model.

Zombie CEO Joanna Alexander has said "we are thrilled to see all of the major console manufacturers supporting the free to play business model," though, so it sounds as if Blacklight may mark the start of traditional console free-to-play gaming.

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