destiny alphaSo far, the alpha for Bungie's latest work-in-progress title, Destiny, has been well received, and whilst the official date for the alpha has now ended, it seems Bungie want players to get back in-game for a little longer, which is great news for both the players and Bungie, who by the sounds of it desperately need new details to make sure everything is as balanced and bug free as possible upon launch day.

According to Bungie, this extended alpha time will be used to conduct some "dangerous" experiments, so it's very possible that we'll be seeing some odd, unannounced changes to Destiny over the next few days before the alpha is shut off for good.

If you plan to get an idea about what Destiny will feel like as a whole package, try not to base it on the extended alpha time, as it's very possible that players will experience something that will not represent the overall experience at all.

Unfortunately the Destiny alpha has only been extended on the PlayStation 4, so Xbox One players will now have to wait till the release of the game before playing again. It will be interesting to see what experiments Bungie conduct before the alpha is finally over.

Destiny will be released later this year on September 9th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS4. A beta should also be available next month for players to get their hands on.