Destiny Halloween 2015

Last year, Bungie released a Halloween patch that added Jack O' Lantern helmets into Destiny, and this year an even bigger Halloween themed patch has been released. The new patch adds masks, a fun errand based "quest" in the tower, and plenty of other great content.

The new update for Destiny has been called Festival of the Lost, and oh boy there's a lot to do in this festival. The first thing you may notice about Destiny in the latest update is that the Tower has had a bit of a spooky makeover. To fit in with the theme, all of the NPCs at the tower are also wearing Halloween themed masks. Players can get the chance to purchase and wear these masks themselves during the Halloween event, some of which are permanent.

Last year, the Halloween Jack O' Lantern helmets had a time limit on them and acted as a consumable. This meant that a year later it's incredibly rare to see any Jack O' Lantern helmets around, but if players get to keep their helmets this year, they may be seen a lot more often because they will be permanent.

There is also a new "quest" type event in the Tower. Players can collect candy and hand it out to each of the NPC vendors for small rewards. Tess Everis is also selling three new emotes - Boo, Monster Dance and Zombie Dance, with the latter clearly being inspired by Michael Jacksons' Thriller.