destiny releaseIt's always reassuring to hear that a game has gone gold, especially when it's a game coming from a development team that is pretty well known for postponing and delaying releases of their titles. Bungie is one of those companies, but luckily it won't be long before their game is ready to ship out to retail stores across the world.

This means that the previous release date set in September will not be delayed any longer - this information comes from Pete Parsons, chief operating officer for Destiny. Pete went onto state that the game still requires "lots of tweaking and Tuning," but a "lot is already complete."

In an interview with Eurogamer, Pete Parsons said, "I believe people will be transported not just by the activities and the stories within the Destiny universe but by the sights and the wonderful sounds and music."

Despite O'Donnell's sudden departure from Bungie, his music and collaborations with both Michael Salvatori and Paul McCartney will still make it into the final release of Destiny, giving it that amazing immersive experience that O'Donnell's previous work in games like Halo has been known for.

For those that can't wait for the September release, an open beta is going ahead this summer that can be accessed by pre-ordering Destiny.