Destiny Multiplayer Changes April

Recently the Destiny team has planned to host another Twitch livestream to talk about the upcoming April update for their game. The new update planned for release at some point later in the month will feature a number of changes to the Crucible as well as some tweaks to the sandbox elements of the game.

Apparently the new update will include changes "both large and small." To top everything off, the April update will also include some weapon changes. If you've followed the development of Destiny then you'll know that weapon balance changes have become pretty commonplace.

Interestingly, Bungie wrote something that sparked a bit of curiosity in us in their even post for the upcoming Twitch livestream. Bungie wrote, "We might even find some ways to prove some new design theories in magical, delicious combat." Sounds intriguing. We're looking forward to finding exactly what Bungie means by this.

Like previous livestreams, it's likely that it will last for around an hour in the morning or early afternoon in US time. Whilst you'll have to be there at the right time to catch it live, the broadcast will be saved to the Bungie Twitch channel so that you can watch it after it has finished.

There have already been two different livestream events for the April update so as you can imagine, it's going to be a pretty big one. The first livestream took a focus on the new activities players will be able to take part in whilst the second livestream event focused on the new items and gear that will be available as rewards via PvE and PvP content.