metal gear online survival mode

A patch has just been introduced to the Metal Gear Online servers that adds a few changes. The biggest addition to the new patch is survival mode for MGO. The new survival mode has been talked about for a while now but it has finally made it's way into the game.

In survival mode, players can team up to make six-player squads that fight it out as long as they possibly can. A squad in survival mode is given 10 tries each week to try and accomplish a five win streak. If they get five wins in a row then they will be given different rewards, however, if their team loses before that five win streak, no rewards will be given. The 10 allotted attempts reset every Tuesday.

However, if players purchased the Cloaked in Silence expansion pack, they will be able to play survival mode as many times as they want each week. The pack included a few new maps and introduced Quiet as a playable character. Cloaked in Silence is available for $4.

The rest of the update included a number of fixes to bugs and some balance changes too, including a few tweaks to how the claymores can be set off. Konami has also worked on bringing down the affect ping (latency) has on players and the actions they perform in Metal Gear Online.

Top end this news post, we've got some great news too - Konami has managed to ship 6 million copies of Metal Gear Solid V worldwide.