destiny public eventsTo keep things interesting for returning players, Bungie has revealed the first of many upcoming in-game events for Destiny, which should challenge players and reward them with special bonuses after completing.

Last weekend, Bungie released their first in-game dynamic event that focused on PVP - the event added a brand new "Salvage" mode to the game that pitted two teams of three players against each other as they fought for control of different nodes within the map. The nodes must be controlled for a short time before a point is rewarded for each node, and only one node appeared on the map at one time.

Salvage has since been removed from Destiny, and the next in-game event will be a level 26 raid set on Venus. Vault of Glass will be available from September 16th, and it will put Guardians up against new challenges. Once completed, players have a chance to receive raid set gear and ascendent materials from the new raid.

There will be another PVP event and another PVE event this month, and a fifth event some in October. So far, details for the last three announced events have not been revealed by Bungie, but it's likely that all will be revealed fairly soon.

Whilst only five events have been listed, we expect Bungie may have many other similar events lined up for the future of the game, on top of any upcoming DLC packs they plan to release.