deus ex mankind divided]Square Enix has just grabbed the Trademark rights for the phrase "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" in the United Kingdom, and this could mean we've got a new upcoming Deus Ex title to look for. The trademark was filed on March 27th, so it could still be a while before we see or hear anything else about this new Deus Ex game, however Square Enix and Eidos Montreal did reveal earlier in October 2013 that they do have plans to release a new Deus Ex title for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

If you were enjoyed playing through Human Revolution, then you should be happy to hear that the upcoming Deus Ex game will be worked on by the same core team that worked through the last title, which was released in 2011.
Unsurprisingly, not much has been released for the new Deus Ex game, although there has been a concept art image showcased. (shown above.) Producer David Anfossi revealed that the art, "represents a 'ghetto-city' voluntarily built in order to separate the classes. The people in this segregated class have reshaped their environment, nostalgic for their ideal of Cyber Renaissance. This dark and dystopian vision sets the tone for things to come in Deus Ex."
If we’re lucky, we may see a little something of the upcoming Deus Ex game at this year's E3, if not, then Eidos and Square Enix should most likely have something to show us by the end of this year.