driveclub developers

If you're wondering where the hell DriveClub has been, don't worry, it's been delayed for good reason. Sony has revealed that the developers currently working on DriveClub have gone back to the drawing board, in an attempt to ensure that the game is of it's best quality upon it's release.

Despite being planned as a launch title game, it has already been delayed once to early 2014, but seeing as we're already close to Q2 2014, it looks as if DriveClub has been delayed once more.

So far, no release date has been given, but previous rumors did suggest that the game would be ready for September. It's a shame to have to wait so long for such an anticipated title, but it really is for the best. So many AAA games are being released before they are fully ready, and it ruins the overall experience of the game.

If the developers that are working on DriveClub need extra time to refine the title to make sure the game plays and feels smooth, then so be it. We as gamers should learn to be patient, because the more time a developer is given on a title, the better that title will be when it is finally released.

For now, no real release window is concrete, but we'll keep you updated as more news comes in about DriveClub, including any gameplay content and release information.