Boston-based Irish Punk Band Dropkick Murphys to perform at upcoming Call of Duty event.

Released in a statement from Activision, Irish-punk rockers Dropkick Murphys will be performing on the closing of the first night of the Call of Duty XP event in September. They will be joining Kanye West as part of the musical entertainment for the two-day Call of Duty celebration.

With the news of the Irish punk rock band joining the event, Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing stated the following:

"With an unbeatable lineup of real-world and in-game experiences, Call of Duty XP was already poised to be a historic event for fans of the franchise...the addition of Dropkick Murphys just makes XP that much more memorable. Few bands fit the bill better-we're thrilled to have them performing on opening day."

Call of Duty XP runs from September 2nd and 3rd in Los Angeles and will cost $150 per attendee. Each paid ticket gets you a voucher for Modern Warfare 3 when it is released, a world's-first hands-on with MW3's competitive multiplayer, live-action recreations of elements of the series and more. All proceeds go to the CoD veterans' charity.

In this Ambassador's opinion, Call of Duty XP had enough to make me want to go to this event, but the addition of one of the greatest Irish punk rock bands in history is making me want to go even more. Imagine playing MW3's multiplayer then hearing "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" or even better yet, doing both at the same time. Just as long as Kayne West doesn't disturb you during your ---

"I'm realhappy for you, and Imma gonna let you finish, but Scout Pro is the best second slot perk there is."