DualSense Edge Review: Fall in Love with the Sleek Design

Sony's first "Pro" controller, the DualSense Edge, is a potentially intriguing development for PS5 owners. But there are many questions to be answered regarding how it differs from the typical DualSense Wireless Controller and whether or not the buildup to its debut was worthwhile. The DualSense Edge offers more advanced functionality than the standard DualSense wireless controller. With the PS5, the DualSense has received high appreciation for its unique features, such as its haptic feedback and adjustable triggers. Along with its higher price tag, The Edge has some large shoes to fill.


The system will ask you to take a "tour" of the controller, explaining its features, when you first connect your DualSense Edge. Then you can begin button remapping. Although I'm accustomed to the typical PlayStation layout, this is the critical location to modify your back paddles. Even in the middle of a game, you can switch between different profiles using the function menu. The standard controller's built-in lights, vibration levels, and trigger effect intensity can all be altered, in addition to the other alterations you can make.

Custom Settings

The remappable inputs on the DualSense Edge controller are yet another fantastic feature. Players can do this to rearrange buttons and design unique button layouts. Players with disabilities or those who want to design a layout that is more comfortable for them will find this to be extremely helpful. Players may tweak the trigger travel distance, thumbstick sensitivity, and dead zones and rapidly switch between different control profiles thanks to the fantastic feature of configurable settings. Players can now move between different settings they've created for various games.

Design and Comfort

At 280 grams, the DualSense Edge appeared heavy when it first launched. The DualSense Edge weighs 322 grams when set up outside the case on our scale, making it heavier. It has a luxurious feel in the hands. At first sight, it resembles the current DualSense exceptionally closely, but it has a black trackpad, buttons, and joystick covers that are shiny rather than matte. The DualSense Edge doesn't make any significant changes to how the DualSense now feels in your hands and feels better overall.

Gaming Experience

You generally get the impression that you are playing PlayStation. However, I assigned the back buttons to essential operations, which at least gave me the impression that I was getting better. I had two sets of sticks in Fortnite, one for jumping and the other for the build menu, considerably reducing the time I had to take my hands off the sticks. This is where some people complain about the two missing back buttons. I continued to reach up to the triangle button when I tried to transition from a weapon to my pickaxe.

Replaceable Stick Modules

Players who have encountered stick drift with their previous controllers will find the removable stick modules one of this controller's most noteworthy features. For gamers, stick drift can be annoying; however, gamers may easily swap out the stick modules and address this issue with the DualSense Edge controller. Installing the replacement stick modules is as simple as removing the outdated modules and replacing them with the new ones. As a result, players may quickly swap out the modules if stick drift recurs in the future, and they can discover the ideal match for their hands and preferences. The new modules cost roughly £20, which is a reasonable price compared to purchasing a new controller.


The PS5 DualSense Edge controller is a fantastic piece of gaming hardware that significantly improves the gameplay. Players can personalize their gaming experience with this console's cutting-edge features, like swappable back buttons, programmable controls, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and removable stick modules.