Games - EA embraces Mixed Martial Arts and trying to get you to enjoy it also

UFC and mix martial arts have been around for a few years. I mean if you go on to YouTube and type in MMA you will find some old highlights that people don't know even exist. Ever since UFC got their new president, Dana White, mix martial arts has been on the map. We always here about there pay per views, TV shows on spike and now video games.


EA sports MMA video game might help the MMA community instead of hurting it like the last few games made. No offense to the creators of Tapout, but the world just wasn't ready to play a MMA game. UFC Undisputed did a good job with creating a career mode that fans would love. After all these years we EA has decided they want to hope on board and take MMA and make it their own.

EA Sports MMA seems to have an understanding of what fans want out of a mix martial arts game. The first, and also the most important, thing that EA Sports MMA does right is the action in the ring. Gamers will use the right thumb stick to do most of their moves. They will be able to perform takedowns, have strike to pass and pass to strike moments as well. EA was able to understand there is a certain environment MMA fights have. When players are playing they will feel as if they were in a pay per view event. Even though the graphics and game play are good, EA still has some work to do for their next installment. Besides the basic campaign and online match making, the game does not have any other interesting modes. The good thing is, it is the first installment. EA next game will have to improve on that. I personally like this game and think all MMA fans should try it out.

Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King