EverQuest Next on PS4

The MMO industry is a funny one - it's filled with games that from the eyes of someone unfamiliar with the genre will look almost identical to each other. The term "World of Warcraft clone" is given to pretty much every traditional MMO out there, and this lack of originality may be finally bringing the chances of succeeding with a new MMO in the typical environment to a halt.

That's why a lot of new MMO's are starting to take new paths - for example, last year's MMO third person shooter Defiance teamed up with the SyFy channel to create an ever-changing live action program that would evolve over time depending on the actions of those within the MMO game.

It was a nice concept, but despite being traditionally different than other MMOs and even being available on consoles, the game didn't really receive that much traction.

The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be taking the same cross-platform approach as Defiance, and although the Elder Scrolls series has a huge devoted following, I personally don't see the game doing too well, either, thanks to it's planned monthly subscription model.

A new game that will also be taking this same approach is EverQuest Next. It's an MMO game that seems to have a focus on base building and sandbox environments, and it too will be making it's way to PS4 according to Sony Online Entertainment.

If you've been keeping your eye on EverQuest Next for a while now, this information will probably be quite exciting for you. The concept is pretty interesting, and seeing as the game library for the PS4 is quite small right now, it could be worth checking out once it has been released.