Everything you should know before starting Halo Infinite Campaign

Halo Infinite is the biggest upcoming video game from Microsoft.  The campaign was released on December 8th. At E3 2019, Microsoft presented the audience with a cinematic trailer of this game. This trailer gave a much closer look at the master chief and his cinematic design. In that sequence, the master chief woke up to embark on his journey and fans have been trying to figure out the rest of the sequence for months.

Microsoft is keeping extensive story details hidden for the time being. Nonetheless, the developers did confirm that the new Halo game will be more centered on the master chief. Emphasizing on master chief shows their commitment towards improving the inadequacies of the Halo 5. Ultimately, enter into this game thinking of it as a continuation of Halo 5.

Takes Place in Zetta Halo

Zetta Halo is a location found on Halo Lore. According to the story of Halo, the ring worlds were created by the forerunners race, and they acted as super weapons looking to wipe out sentient life from the galaxy. Zetta halo is also known as installation 07, which is where the forerunners used human test subjects when the zombie-converting parasites first started showing up during their era.

Installation 07’s functionality also differs from other ring worlds so you can expect new and different structures on the map. The covenant splinter group also seems to be hell-bent on wiping out human existence.  Even though gamers mostly start halo campaigns because of their multiplayer offerings and excellent combat, the game also puts great emphasis on its storyline. Halo Infinite is Microsoft’s attempt to tell a very elaborate tale.

Multiplayer Unlockables

People have been complaining about the limited multiplayer armor. Fortunately, Halo infinite scatters lockers throughout the map that unlock armor. This brings plenty of hope into the expansiveness of the campaign. It provides the game makers to introduce updates and drop new dynamics to the game-play. Overall, these lockers bring about plenty of excitement for multiplayer gaming.

More Explorable

When starting this campaign, you will witness advanced AI from the banished enemies. One example of the unconventional tactic that you may come across is the brutes hurling grunts at you. Halo Infinite is trying to retrace the series back to its route in many ways.

For one, it offers a new ringworld that is similar to the original game. However, the new ringworld will be bigger than the previous versions. Microsoft’s halo reveals released a glimpse of the map in their reveal. Some of the hands-on previews show that the map supports a day-night cycle, along with wildlife additions.

Due to these life-like features, exploring this ringworld will feel incredibly realistic. The game will not be non-linear since sticking to the traditional storyline is critical for Halo. Therefore, Halo infinite will include enclosed sections that will feel like a traditional halo gaming experience. One of the most important developments of the game is that it may encompass the end of properly numbered sequels.