Evil Imaging
Reveal your Evil

Evil Controllers has commissioned a new monster forged in the depths of the EVIL LAB: EVIL IMAGING
Fueled by the need to stray away from common man, Evil Imaging accesses the highest in imaging and application technology to generate the future of video game controllers.

A state of the art process, Evil Imaging is the ONLY way to enhance the graphics of your controller.
Along with a unique look Evil Imaging takes the application of the image to the next level.

This is not a STICKER! This is not a SKIN! This is EVIL IMAGING!!!!!

Evil Imaging is the peak of controller enhancements. Pulsing with the beat of EVIL, you can be sure that the high quality and durability of Evil Imaging will withstand even the most fearsome gaming competition.EVIL IMAGING: EVIL SKULLZ

Beyond graphics, Evil Imaging creates a custom finished feel only possible of being EVIL.
From a variety of choices, including EVIL SKULLZ or the Custom military EVIL DIGITAL CAMOUFLAGE, you will find a top quality image with a finish that demolishes all others.

Evil Controllers is the only place you can find EVIL IMAGING.

www.wp.evilcontrollers.com  Now shipping World Wide!!