evo sonicfox vs tekken master

The Mortal Kombat XL Grand Final saw SonicFox battle it out against Tekken Master.

A lot of us were rooting for Tekken Master to win the grand final after witnessing him fight his way so valiantly to the final game, but SonicFox clearly seemed like the favorite to take the win.

In the first match, SonicFox picked out Hollywood Cassie Cage to fight it out against Tekken Master's Swarm Queen D'vorah. In the first match, Tekken Master managed to fight himself out of a tricky situation to take round 1, but straight into round 2 the pressure was put back on by SonicFox.

He definitely knows how to play Cassie Cage well - Tekken Master had very little room to move and we were constantly seeing him being put into the corner in the early stages of the grand final. SonicFox took round 2 quick and clean. On the final round of match 1, Tekken Master tried to turn the tables by putting the pressure on but SonicFox got the better of him after an impressive jump in that helped him to land the final round and match 1 with Cassie Cage.

SonicFox was confident going into match 2 - The same character was picked out against Tekken Master's newly picked character for the second match, which was War God Kotal Kahn.

Quickly things turned as Tekken Master excellently executed a near-flawless win in round 1. SonicFox fought back and took the win in round 2, but the final round saw Tekken Master take the match win despite SonicFox’s respectable blocking attempts.

For the third match, SonicFox mixed it up by taking Gunslinger Erron Black, but it didn't do him so well against Kotal Kahn. Tekken Master swiftly took match 3 without a single round win from SonicFox.

At this point, Tekken Master was winning 2-1. The same characters were picked out, and Tekken Master managed to take the next match as a win too. Because Tekken Master came from the loser's bracket, it meant at this point that he had to win another set to win the entire finals. SonicFox took things back in the next set, although it was an incredibly close 2-2 scoreline. The final match saw SonicFox use Alien to take down Tekken Master's previously unbeatable Kotal Kahn to secure him the grand final title.