evo saint vs knee

The finals for Tekken 7 took place early in the morning on Saturday, with the previous games happening all throughout the first day of EVO on the Friday.

In the final we saw Saint fight his way to victory against Knee. Saint picked out JACK-7 as expected, whilst Knee opted for Bryan. It's debatable whether Knee would have had better luck with another fighter, considering he saw success with both Heihachi and Akuma earlier in EVO 2016. Akuma has been seen to be a good counter to JACK-7 in the past, but it seems in the current meta that even with JACK-7's slow play style, Saint is currently managing to defeat anybody trying to take him down with an Akuma pick.

Even with the Bryan pick, Knee came seconds away from a victory.

Both players put in a lot of effort to make it to the final match at EVO 2016 and whilst the battle seemed back and forth to begin with, Saint ended the match by pulling out a 3-2 victory in a best of three.

It was incredible how close the match was all of the way throughout. Right from the beginning, it was hard to see just who would come out on top. In the first battle, both Knee and Saint kept trading rounds until Knee finally took the victory. After the score line hit 2-2, both players were putting their absolute all into it.

We saw the final battle reach five rounds as each player took 2 KO's. In the final round, Saint took Knee down to extremely low health fairly early on, but for a short few seconds Knee had a comeback on his hands until Saint put down a countering jab to end the grand finals and take the win.

This was one of the closest finals I've seen in a long time and it's certainly got me excited for the future of Tekken 7.