fallout 4 gun mechanics

The gun mechanics in Fallout 3 were a bit lacking compared to other first person shooter titles and whilst Fallout is an RPG title, it would still be nice to see an improvement in the gunplay. Fortunately Fallout 4 will be getting revamped gun mechanics and there will be plenty of changes to make the gunplay in Fallout 4 feel more like a traditional shooter.

It's great to see some positive changes being made to Fallout's combat system, but what were the changes inspired from, and what other game would be best compared to Fallout 4 when it comes to gun mechanics?

Surprisingly, Bethesda Studios hired a Bungie employee to help create a gun system that has been heavily influenced by Destiny. The gunplay in Destiny is undoubtedly very smooth - even if you dislike the game, there is no denying that the gun mechanics are very decent.

It's hard to say how much inspiration Fallout 4 will take from Destiny, but we do know that Bethesda also asked for help from Doom developer ID Software, so Fallout 4's gunplay is definitely going to be an improvement from Fallout: New Vegas, but we don't think it will feel too similar to Destiny.

With that being said, Fallout's new gun mechanics may have a certain Destiny feel to them when it comes to taking down enemies or easily being able to differentiate between a headshot and a body shot. Hopefully we will get to see exactly how good the Fallout 4 gunplay is once the game has been released on November 10.