fallout 4 pip-boy

Bethesda has recently released a brand new blog detailing a few things about the wearable Pip-Boy that will be coming with the Fallout 4 Special Edition.

In the blog post, Bethesda mentions that the Fallout 4 Special Edition units had all been sold out in North America, meaning that anybody in the region would not be able to purchase a special edition.

Bethesda did not confirm that other regions had sold out of the special edition as well, but they did suggest that stock is most likely very low worldwide. Here's a snippet from the blog post:

"Our North American quantities for the Pip-Boy Edition are sold out. We are still working out details on final inventory for European territories and expect to have information early next week. As we receive new information, we'll update in real-time on our Twitter account, @bethblog."

Further on in the blog post, Bethesda has also revealed that the Pip-Boy will not support all smartphones. Whilst the majority of phones will fit snugly into the wearable Pip-Boy thanks to the adjustable foam inserts, larger phones and tablets will not be able to work. Bethesda didn't specifically say which phones would not fit but the Galaxy S5 was the largest smartphone on the list that the wearable Pip-Boy could support.

This means that if you have a large smartphone, such as the Galaxy Note 4 or the iPhone 6+, you'll be all out of luck. You will still be able to use the Fallout companion app once the game launches, but you won't be able to insert your large smartphone or tablet into the Pip-Boy.