Final Fantasy 16 - Expectations and Predictions

For PlayStation 5 owners, the release of Final Fantasy 16 is just six months away. Sadly, PC players must wait a little longer before engaging in the latest mainline Final Fantasy mega beast combat with Eikons. Since Final Fantasy 15 is the first entirely new mainline Final Fantasy sequel. Keeping with series tradition, it stars brand-new characters in an entirely new setting. Additionally, it is a cross between a Kaiju fight movie and the FFVII remake in terms of gameplay. Here is all that is known and rumored about Final Fantasy 16.

Story Line

The characters' cast and the narrative surrounding them are the heart of every Final Fantasy game. So far, the trailer and the material Square provided give us a good idea of what to expect from the sixteenth game. The planet of Valisthea, which is separated into six kingdoms and is ruled by mountains that are the source of all magic in the universe, serves as the setting for the game. All is not good, though, as you might expect, as each country has a Dominant, live being with a destructive power known as an Eikon that can manifest as a giant monster. Some people are treated like kings, while others are treated more like weapons.


Final Fantasy 16's official website from Square Enix provides some background on the setting and main characters. The earth is described as "studded with Mothercrystals," which are "glittering mountains of crystal that tower above the six realms around them, gifting them with aether," in the Valisthean setting. People have visited the beacons throughout the ages to benefit from the goodness they provide. Many vast powers have developed around each Mothercrystal due to the conjuring of magicks that live comfortable, wealthy lives using the aether of the Mothercrystals.


According to what we can infer from the gameplay demonstrated in the current trailers, Final Fantasy 16 is bringing evolution rather than revolution to the series' current gameplay. Real-time fighting will be present, similar to that in Final Fantasy 15. However, the technology is quicker and more responsive. After decades of games where you direct the activities of numerous characters while they battle together, the gameplay thus far has all been centered around a single-player character rather than a party.


There is little more clarity on the platform front because the game will be a PlayStation exclusive—at least temporarily—and will only be available on the PS5. However, predicting when the game will be released on Xbox is a little more challenging. The game will likely be released on PC soon to launch as well. However, skipping Xbox is a risky move. Therefore it will be on Microsoft's next-generation consoles after some time has passed, probably a year.


According to Square Enix, the new release date for Final Fantasy 16 is June 22, 2023. This release date follows a summer launch window announced earlier in the year during The Game Awards 2022. Additionally, we know that Final Fantasy 16 will be a PlayStation console-only release for the PS5.