Things You Should Know about Elden Ring: Colosseum DLC

The free DLC patch Elden Ring's Colosseum adds a structured PvP system and various PvP balance adjustments to spells, weapon arts, and weaponry. The Colosseum DLC is a much-needed upgrade to a game with such a wide range of playstyles since it allows for up to six players in a match, offers considerable freedom in fighting format, and compares rankings using the new arena ranking system.

Getting the Colosseum DLC

Any Colosseum in Elden Ring can be entered by simply approaching it and pushing open the imposing gates. Then, before starting a match, set up parameters by interacting with the sizable Marika statue. Once you've done it, you can rapidly enter any Colosseum using the Marika Effigy to access the Roundtable Hold. It's significant to remember that Elden Ring contains three distinct Colosseums. Each is situated in a unique region and provides several PVP game styles. Therefore, you must first locate the Colosseum that offers the PVP option you're interested in.

Unlocking Each Colosseum

To get started, you must locate and open each Colosseum. This is accomplished by finding the significant, apparent buildings and entering through the main entrance. You can interact with the statue of Marika when you get the notification informing you that a new battle style has been added.

Combat Formats

There are three basic combat formats, and each one necessitates, at the very least, a change in your build and tactics for optimum performance. However, other choices are available for people seeking amusement and laughter, such as total pandemonium or inviting friends for a ridiculous match. The experience you have at Elden Ring is totally up to you to determine, just like the rest of Elden Ring.

·         United Combat

Like Combat Ordeal, United Combat has up to six participants per round and is won by the player with the most kills. But with United Combat, you can form teams instead of going alone. United Combat tactics are frequently more subtle than a duel or free-for-all. Keeping your teammates alive and taking the lead as the group's tank can be effective strategies.

·         Combat Ordeal

The 1v1 Duel Format is unlike the Combat Ordeal, a free-for-all. Combat Ordeal spits in the face and asks for a level of mayhem unseen, although 1v1 is typically considered a solemn place with some grace in manners. Assaulting as many people as you can as quickly as possible is the approach, which is also relatively simple. AOE spell planning is an excellent tactic for this kind of fighting scenario. It's generally not a good idea to optimize for survival because you won't be able to compete with people who deal immediate harm.

·         Duel

The plainest and most recognizable traditional form of battle is this one. Here, the goal is straightforward: eliminate your adversary before they eliminate you. The veterans of the Souls community are polite to make a gesture (often a bow) before a fight and before it starts. Make one gesture, then stop and start slicing each other.


Elden Ring's Colosseum DLC offers a fresh approach to quench your desire to combat other gamers. PVP is not a new feature, but it has always been chaotic because other players may ambush you, which leads to unfair, one-sided battles. All players now have an equal opportunity to compete, thanks to the new DLC recently released in the 1.08 update.