Square's FFXIII-2 Gives You the Ability to Travel Through Time and Fix Some of the Prequel's Wrongs.

Being a fan of Final Fantasy since its early beginnings, I didn't hear many complaints about the series until the discovery of internet. Then came the wave of such things like "what was wrong with this Final Fantasy", "what should have happened in that Final Fantasy", "I'm some spoony internet video reviewer, and I want to complain and make false accusations about Rikku on FFX-2 for two hours", and so on and so on until everyone was blue in the face. The latest complaint is that "Final Fantasy XIII was too linear". Which after playing the game, I have to admit that it was a bit too linear. Thankfully, Square Enix has heard the complaint (as well as a few others) and answered them with the most non-linear mechanic of all, time travel.

Described by Director Motomu Toriyama, that at theheart of Final Fantasy XIII-2is the Historia Crux. The Historia Crux is a mechanic that allows players to travel back and forth through time, experiencing events in the game's future or heading to the past to undo wrongs or redo choices they've made previously. Toriyama describe it like a webpage filled with links the player can pick and choose as they please. If players of the game want to go deeper into the game's system then they can do so and be rewarded with extras like hidden endings, priceless treasures, and hours of play time.

It sounds complicated, but what Toriyama says happened before at Square with the epic classic known as Chrono Trigger. And I loved that mechanic of the game, where you can jump in the Epoch and change events of the past and effect what went on in the future. With this mechanic added to the game, it is very likely I will pick up this game and see what realities could happen in the game.

If only I had the Historia Crux in real life, I could jump into it and mail my credit card payment on time last Thursday.