Hey there gamers! Finally some details are being revealed about the new FF Lightening Returns and instead of beating about the bush I am going to summarize them for you. Before we move to the bullet points there are a few things to keep in mind.

According to the initial reveals (which were later confirmed), this iteration of FF will be significantly different to the past. The overall game is tied to the notion of time. Players will have a finite amount of time to do what they plan before the game ends.

Time is basically the health indicator of the world in which Lightning is in. The world continues to lose life and as expected, the game ends when the world does. Our actions will affect the world around us thus increasing or decreasing the time that we have in it. In any case, the world has a maximum of 13 game-days till it loses all its life.

Now that we have that covered it will be much easier to get the points given below. The following key points were retrieved from an interview that was posted in Famitsu:

1.The game currently 30% toward completion.

2.This will be Lightning's last game. Shocking I know, but according to rumors at least her story is supposedly going to end on a happy note.

3.The game is going to be "world driven". This basically means that the world around us will change in reaction to our actions

4.In terms of time, there is a 13 day limit to the game, at which point it will end.  2 hours of our time (real time) will represent 1 day within the game. At certain points the in-game days will either pass faster or slower. Depending on our actions, the life of the world could decrease at a faster rate thus bringing the game to an end before the 13 day limit.

5.The game is meant to be played several times over. Alternated endings perhaps?

6.At points during the game we will come across people we can help but, helping those people will reduce the life of the world. I guess Square Enix is putting a bit of moral dilemma in the mix.

7.On the other hand, defeating enemies and completing certain quests will increase the life of the world and thus give you more time.

8.To keep reminding you of how much time you have left, the city will be littered with clocks which will show the progression of time.

9.Now to one of the bigger changes, NO PARTY system. In this iteration Lightning will be completely on her own. According to Square Enix this will allow us to concentrate more than when dealing with a party of 5. The reason for this change is probably connected to my next point revolving around the combat.

10.They are implementing quite a big change in the battle mechanic as well. The combat this time is going to be more action oriented. Like before there is going to be an ATB gauge but, instead of selecting menu command menus we can directly utilize different abilities which will be assigned to the buttons!

11.We will also be able to move freely during battle however some elements of the combat system are timing-based.

So as you can see guys, FF Lightening Returns is quite a change from the norm. I don't know how die-hard fans would view this but as for me, I am definitely looking forward to this. Although I don't think I will pre-order this till I see some favorable gameplay footage. What about you guys, like the new direction or not?