Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Review

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker became an obsession for many gamers in 2021. Square Enix released the game on December 7, 2021. Many fans shared their reviews on the internet saying that the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was above expectations. If you haven’t played this game yet, then you are missing a huge adventure. But before you buy the game, here is a quick review about what you should expect with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

There are numerous new updates on mechanics and gameplay as the developers tried to keep the experience fresh. Furthermore, with the new chapter, you will experience new features and story mode. Also, the new chapter will be the conclusion of the story.

Changes in Classes

The level cap will increase from 80 to 90 enabling new abilities for the players. Also, both the new classes have similar gameplay as the changes are made to the existing classes.

New Environment

The major change of this game is the expansion. The Endwalker series allows you to explore new areas. The design of the new environment matches all types of players. You will notice expansion from battlefields to Greenlands and even on the Moon. The central region of the Endwalker will be Thavnair and its capital city, which is an island. The design of this city is according to the Indian and Middle-Eastern environment. In this city, you will meet a tribe called Matanga. These people are hybrids between elephants and humans.

Bunny Boys

Also, you will experience the most-anticipated new feature of Male Vieras. You can use your imagination and create a bunny boy according to your fantasy. This is the first time Final Fantasy is including Male Viera.

Life Changes

You will also notice various quality-of-life changes in the Endwaler. To experience these changes you should play the game. However, the developers tried to introduce new characters to make the game accessible for new players. For instance, the introduction of a new place called Sanctuary helps new players to use minions to play the game. Also, there is a new title screen that displays Hydaelyn. So, the players can change their settings from outside. However, the game menu is still the same.

The Ending is the New Beginning

Many players already knew that this sequel will be the end of the fight between the Garlean Empire and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn after the expansion. This indicates that this season would be the end of the story. But there is a surprise for you in the end. –Spoiler Alert- The game’s story writer beautifully diverts the players from one scene to another without changing the game. This makes the ending of one story the beginning of the other.


If you haven’t played Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, you should buy the game and experience the new update. Keep in mind that the addition of the new servers will reduce the struggles from the previous version.