The first of the previously announced trilogy of downloadable content packages for Bioshock Infinite has been released, and it will be available for both PS3 and Xbox 360 as soon as both Microsoft and Sony make it so according to Irrational Games.

The first DLC pack has been named Clash of the Clouds and is a wave based arena game that will test players skills within the various fields of the combat system used within-game.

The Clash of the Clouds DLC will also include new voxophones written by creative director Ken Levine, as well as some new Kinectoscopes and other unlockables. The DLC package currently costs $5 on Steam so similar prices will probably be released to Microsoft and Sony.

Ken Levine has also revealed that the other two downloadable content packages will form a two-part story that puts both Booker and Elizabeth as a two team detective squad that the player will be able to play as in both stories.

The first part of the DLC, named Burial at Sea will allow the player to play as Booker and is set on New Years Eve in 1958. The story will start off confusing but will make sense as the story progresses.

The first part of Burial at Sea will definitely be released this year, whilst the second episode may be released this year or next.