titanfall runoff mapRespawn Entertainment have almost finished their first DLC pack for Titanfall, and it has been scheduled for release later on this month. The pack, which has been named Expedition, will include three new maps for Titanfall, and will be available for $9.99, the first map War Games has already been showcased, whilst the third map, Swampland will most likely be detailed next week.

This week, Runoff was shown off by Respawn Entertainment, and it should be a favorite for any players looking for some decent pilot vs pilot combat. Geoff Smith, a level designer at Respawn Entertainment revealed their hopes to make a map that focused on the pilot combat on the Titanfall website.

Smith wrote, "The core concept of the level is multiple layers of paths: concrete canals filled with water and trash below, and upper levels that are cleaner and more industrial. I thought the canals would be cool for Titans to fight in, with Pilots able to jump across them. I also set out to make more choke points in the level, something that is pretty hard to do in our game, at least for Pilots with their enhanced mobility."

In my opinion, the Titanfall maps are some of the best designed FPS maps I've seen in a while, and they have been developed well to make sure pilot and titan combat is as smooth as possible, so Runoff will certainly be fun to see. It will be interesting to see how the limited titan combat and pilot choke points will affect the flow of gameplay, and I'm excited to see Respawn trying new things with their level design.