Flatout wasn't just a driving game; it was a sport, a religion, a whole world of crazy fun that you know you'd never be able to replicate in real life without breaking all the bones in your body at least once.


It's been a while since a Flatout title has seen the light, but it turns out that the reason behind that is because Bugbear, the developer behind Flatout, has been secretly working on another racing game on the side, and if the new release footage video is anything to go by, it looks absolutely beautiful.

flatout next car game

So far, we don't know what the title of the driving game is, other than the video's suitably given name, next car game, but like mentioned before, it looks pretty damn spectacular.


Thankfully, the game has enough destruction to keep us happily reminded of the golden days of Flatout, but the racing aspect of the game on top of that makes it look like an incredibly fast paced action oriented title.


In terms of graphical quality, it's no Forza, but it doesn't look half bad either - the cars have a certain style to them that tells us not to take the realism too seriously, which makes sense seeing as we're driving across racing tracks that actively allow us to smash and ram into other players.


No details yet on multiplayer options, or any possible mini games that could accompany the game, but knowing Bugbear, it's likely to come packed with all sorts of crazy mayhem.