For Honor Collector's Edition Announced

A For Honor Collector's Edition is going available for sale - the news has been announced after a listing for the collector's edition was found on GameStop's online store.

The collector's edition is currently on GameStop for a price of $219.99. Whilst this is an expensive price tag, especially for new IP, the collector's edition does include quite a lot of content. The $219.99 version of For Honor has been nicknamed the Apollyon Collector's Edition so make sure to search for that if you're interested in learning more.

Firstly, the Apollyon Collector's Edition includes the gold version of the For Honor game. (essentially the base game with included season pass).

The Collector's Edition also includes a 14 inch statue of Apollyon. The description on the GameStop listing for the statue reads as follows: "Standing at over a foot tall, this highly-detailed statue features an accurate reproduction of Apollyon, For Honor's main Warlord."

A lithograph (basically a re-print) of Apollyon has also been included in the Collector's Edition. Interestingly, the description for the Apollyon lithograph includes a description which reads, "The Warlord of the Blackstone Legion seeks to bring war to her enemies in this exclusive Limited Edition Lithograph."

On top of the statue and the artwork, a note has been included with the package, which, according to the store listing, will reveal more information about Apollyon.

Obviously the biggest selling point for the Collector's Edition is the 14 inch statue, but the added lithograph and note are nice to see, too.