Fortnite Creative 2.0: Top 10 Creative Maps You Need to Try

With the release of Creative 2.0, Fortnite is completely changing the game due to the features and overall functionality it will bring to the game. The new update was launched on March 22 and is essentially an Unreal Editor, allowing you to design unique maps using the latest Unreal Engine 5. This update has completely changed the creative landscape for the players, allowing them to essentially transform the experience, coming up with their creative maps to try by incorporating the Unreal Engine.

Top 10 Creative Map Codes

1.      Reclamation – 1135-0371-8937

Inspired by fast-paced multiplayer shooters, this map puts you in a 5v5 situation based on a futuristic planetary setting. In this combat mode, you must battle it out while capturing points on the map and preventing the enemy team from claiming control over it.

2.      Color Switch – 1415-7321-0392

This is one of the maps which showcase the potential for creativity with the latest Unreal Engine as it throws you into a mini-game with a unique twist. Color Switch is an incredibly chaotic mode, where you find yourself standing over flooring comprising of giant colored blocks and a giant peely who decides on a color. You have to reach the tile of that color, as the rest will fall.

3.      The Arcade – 3638- 6410-4991

Another map showcasing the potential of the new creative mode, the arcade puts you in a flappy bird-like mode and is named droopy flops.

4.      Forest Guardian – 0348-4483- 3263

Utilizing the graphical capabilities, the brilliant minds between Epic Labs have created a visually stunning masterpiece that feels unreal. Rather than a game mode, this is a visually stunning short journey that takes you through a beautiful enchanted forest as you complete the quest given to you by the guardian of the forest.

5.      Deserted: Domination – 8035- 1519-2959

Another rendition of capturing the flag-type game mode, this map offers the additional option to choose from seven different load-outs, each specialized toward specific roles.

6.      Gemstone Tycoon – 6365- 7588-5080

Even though many maps have introduced completely new ways to approach the game, some of them, like gemstone tycoons, have taken a minor feature of the game and turned it into a standalone game. The gameplay loop of this clicker game involves you mining gems for money so that you can buy equipment to gem faster and earn more money.

7.      Pirate Adventure – 2810- 0903-5967

Ever wondered what it would be like if Fortnite had a more pirate aesthetic? Then you should try the pirate adventure map. After a cutscene, you find yourself washed up on a deserted island, gathering resources by completing various quests and finding treasure.

8.      The Space Inside – 9836- 7381-5978

This brilliantly done map takes Fortnite puzzles to a whole other level. This mode involves completing different escape rooms as you find yourself in what seems like a misplaced dimension resembling limbo.

9.      Motocross Stunt Champions – 6740- 5336-7956

Simple yet incredibly addicting, this map just has you on a motorbike in a desert map. This map aims to perform as many tricks as possible within 10 minutes, and it is a great way to ride and trick along the desert sand.

10.  OG Fortnite Map – 2179- 7822-3395

Last but certainly not least, the OG Fortnite map takes you on a trip down memory lane, comprising of the original map used in Chapter 1, allowing you to revisit all of the places lost in the updates to recount old victory royale moments.