Free PlayStation Plus Games for August Unveiled

Wonder where the free PlayStation Plus games for August have been? Well, here they are.

In this article, we will showcase the official list provided straight from Sony. All of these games are available to download for free right now.


This month, the PlayStation 4 will have two games up for free - Mafia III and Dead by Daylight.

One of the most popular open world action-adventure games, Mafia III puts you in the shoes of a Vietnam War veteran as he seeks revenge on a group of mobsters that murdered his family.

Dead by Daylight is a unique multiplayer horror game where one player plays as a serial killer and four others play as the victims.

The serial killer must hunt the victims down, whilst the remaining players must work to fix up generators and escape their location.


PS3 will have Bound by Flame and Serious Sam 3 BFE available for all PSN members this month.

Bound by Flame is a fantasy-themed action RPG. In Bound by Flame, you play a human that has been possessed by a demonic spirit. The game features three distinct fighting styles, RPG progression systems, and a weapon/armor crafting system.

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a first-person shooter game that takes place in the Serious Sam universe. It's one of the highest rated Serious Sam games to release this past decade, so it's definitely worth a playthrough.

PS Vita

Finally, PS Vita will be getting two games as well.

Draw Slasher is a fun 2D action game where you use your finger to slash enemies as they appear on screen.

Space Hulk is a video game version of the popular Warhammer 40K board game. In Space Hulk, you take control of a squad of terminators as you clear out alien abominations known as Tyranids within the tight confines of an abandoned space frigate deep in space.

Which games will you be playing first this month?