Black Ops 4 Bullet Drop and Ballistics Will Balance Weapons

The Black Ops 4 beta is live. During the beta, a lot of changes have been noticed by the community. One such change is the introduction of a new weapon ballistics feature.

Weapons in Black Ops 4 will behave differently depending on their weapon class. With this, bullet drop and things like spread will be added to balance out the different weapon classes.

So far, we haven’t noticed all of the weapon ballistic changes that have been added, but one clear change is found on SMGs.

In past COD games, SMGs were often all-in-one killing machines. They were fast firing and could be used at relatively any distance. In Black Ops 4, this is no longer the case. SMGs start to falter at longer ranges due to changes to their weapon ballistics.

This will make players think harder about which weapons to use to suit their playstyle. The weapon ballistic changes will also be important for creating a more competitive environment. Hopefully, players will be forced to rely on each other to cover different roles.

As an example, one player on your team could use SMGs to be a useful flanker. Another player could use an assault rifle to deal with enemies at longer ranges, and a player with a sniper could be useful for holding lanes on a map.

As you can imagine, these new weapon ballistics will play an even greater role in Blackout, Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale mode.

We think these new changes are very important for Black Ops 4. Right now they’re still being tweaked and adjusted.

We can’t wait to see how things like Black Ops 4’s weapon ballistics and new health system change up competitive play once the game goes live and things are ironed out.