destiny red sparrow bonusSo far, we know that Destiny will have two forms of transport - the hover-bike type vehicles that allow players to get around a world quickly, and a spaceship of sorts that acts as a travel system to different planets.

Bungie hasn't really gone into much detail about how either of these two vehicles will work, but by the sounds of it there will be some kind of customization involved. One of the most interesting things we've heard about the vehicles recently is that GAME, a video game retailer in the UK, are offering a special upgraded hover bike as a pre-order incentive to anybody who pre-orders Destiny.

So far, Bungie haven't made any statements about the GAME partnership, but according to GAME these upgraded vehicles will have better stats than the original versions. According to the GAME press release, the upgraded Sparrow hoverbike will be faster and more durable than the standard Sparrow.

As this game doesn't really involve any play versus player interactions this kind of pre-order bonus should be seen as a nice incentive to back Bungie. Unfortunately, no details have been given about any other regions or participating retailers offering the same hoverbike pre-order content. This could mean the red hoverbike could be limited to those who pre-order the title from GAME.

Beta access is still available for any other players who have pre-ordered it from a different retailer, regardless of region.