The high-calorie Internet Sensation shows their love for Gears of War 3 with 10,000+ calories.

The closer the world gets to the release of Epic Games's Gears of War 3, the more the people come out of the woodwork to show their love and appreciation for the series. And recently, no one showed more love than the Canadian internet sensation "Epic Meal Time".

For those of you who don't know what "Epic Meal Time" is, it is one of Youtube's most watched channels where a group of the bacon-loving people make the most high calorie and meat involving meals the internet has ever seen. In the past when they were making meals, they noted that they are avid gamers via their Halo and Call of Duty references and also using a Covenant Sword from Halo in one of their many heart-stopping meals.

This time they showed their love to Gears of War 3 by teaching a classroom of noobs about meat shielding in Gears of War 3 multiplayer. They then kicked it up a notch by creating a meat shield of their own by combining a mannequin, loads of steaks, tons of bbq ribs, large sticks of pepperoni, and probably a grocery's worth of nature's cure-all, bacon. The calorie count came to over 10,000 calories, which is about five times the daily average a human is supposed to take in.

But that wasn't all for the group of bacon-loving gamers. After a demonstration of what a lancer can do on their meatshield thanks to their friend, FPSRussia (another famous Youtube Channel), they then promoted Gamestop's latest Gears of War 3 tie-in promotion (an unlock of Commander Dom in multiplayer) and chances to win Gears of War 3 prizes from Gamestop.

This video is awesome just by combining two things I love, bacon and Gears of War 3. What could be next for these manly high-calorie loving gamers? A Battlefield 3 scene recreation made from pork chops? A statue of Soap from Modern Warfare 3 that will be constructed out of cheese, polish sausage, and bacon?!