Here comes Horde Mode's Wave 50. Hope You are Prepared but We are Here to Help!

Now that Gears of War 3 is released among the general gaming public, a lot of people probably have gone through the entire campaign and now trying out the online multiplayer modes available or they went straight from unboxing the game and straight into the multiplayer. Either way, it is likely that they are probably playing hours after hours of Horde mode, only for their lucky streaks of gameplay to be stopped before they reach the it-will-take-a-miracle-to-survive-this-round Wave 50. I can hear the controllers being thrown out the window (we advise against that) or screaming in rage as their characters are being overrun by Lambent and parts of the Locust Horde.

So here are some easy tips (thanks to some help via MTV's gaming site)to help you survive through it all.

1. Make time in real life. Bathroom breaks, walking the dog, feeding your cat, needs to be taken care of first.

Going from Wave 1 to 50 even on easy mode, takes about two hours. So think ahead before you and your buddies start playing. Ask yourself some things like "did I take out the trash?" "do I need to get some vital work done?" "did I leave the stove on?" and other related questions. You don't want to be the guy who is standing idle while a Lambent Drudge decides that everyone on your team deserves a hug with his tentacles just because Mr. Mittens wanted Meow Mix.

2. Play with friends, close friends.

When playing in Horde mode, it is best to be with friends who know how you think and vice versa. While it's cool to get someone you don't know, you probably don't know how that person operates. For all we know, during Wave 33, XXCOOLGUY32XX decides it's a good idea to rush into a swarm of Grenadiers.

3. Upgrade everything.

Spike strips, retro turrets, decoys of Cole Train eating cereal, you need to upgrade them. And while I do like the charm of the hordes of Locust falling for a cardboard cutout, you need to invest money in upgrading them because as time goes on and the rounds go up in numbers, you're going to need more efficient gear.

4.Challenges, Boss Rounds, Weapon Drops,

Every once in a while, Horde mode will give your team a challenge like "no one gets killed in this wave". Upon completing one of them, everyone gets some extra cash as well as a bonus box. Don't open the boxes yet. As most guns on the ground will go away after a wave, weapon boxes will not. So best be conservative and hold onto them. Since they are likely to have a great weapon inside, best save them for boss waves.

Well that is all when it comes to surviving the waves of baddies in Horde Mode 2.0, while I can't beguaranteeingyou that they will get you through them all, they will help in the end. And you're gonna need the help you can get.