The Gears of War Series is Doing Great in Japan

So as you know, I like to report how western games are doing in Japan. Usually, when Japan's gaming community are exposed to games made in the west, they usually have a wide range of excitement (from "meh" to "omg that was awesome"). Lately, it's been "meh" with the decline of the Xbox 360 in the region. However there was a surprise at this year's Tokyo Game Show as there was a lot of excitement surrounding the series. Many members of the Japanese press talked about huge interest in the Gears of War 3 release. While Halo has a biggerpresencein Japan for shooters, Gears of War's mechanics were preferred over Halo's, this is probably due to that GOW's third personperspectiveis like Capcom's Resident Evil games.

While Gears is made for a western audience (which years ago that would have made Japanese gamers ignore the title) it seems these days Japanese gamers do like the appeal of some western games like Gears. Their only complaints are of the bad voice dubbing/subtitles. Hearing that is very odd and funny to me. It's like when I complain about poorly dubbed anime that comes here to the states.

So far, the first Gears of War sold 45,000 copies in Japan and its sequel sold 37,000 copies later on. Both titles received high praises and great reviews, despite being exclusively on the Xbox 360. While they are small numbers in comparison to the numbers they are selling here in the west (which range in the millions), you have to remember we are talking about one small island country in comparison to a grouping of countries like France, England, Canada, and the United States.

Gears of War 3 goes on sale in Japan on September 22nd.