gears of war ultimate edition 5gb patch

Gears of War Ultimate Edition will soon be getting a rather hefty 5GB patch that will be mandatory for all players. As you can imagine with a patch of this size, a lot of things will be changing and there will be a number of new improvements.

The first thing mentioned for the new patch are the number of playlist changes being made. For example, the Execution game mode will soon offer more XP for players. The Coalition made a few statements about the patch changes, including the increase in XP for Execution. "Execution is a mode that can be highly rewarding, but also extremely punishing. To better reward players who take on the challenge of Execution, we've increased the XP gain in the mode significantly."

The Boomshot will also be improved in the new patch - hit detection problems that occurred in the past should now be fixed. Some basic improvements to hit detection on downed enemies has also been improved and hit detection for players taking cover in Clocktower has also been improved.

Check out the additional tweaks and fixes mentioned by The Coalition below.

+ Addressed some matchmaking issues that caused long wait times
+ Small improvements to the Left Trigger Issue
+ Removed POI on Right Stick for Alternate Control Scheme
+ Bug fixes and general improvements
+ Blitz mode moved from competitive to social
+ Competitive Team Deathmatch has been added
+ Warzone is now a permanent playlist
+ Assassination has returned for a limited time