rainbow six siege ranked patch

Ever since it's release the ranking system in Rainbow Six Siege has needed some work. Finally the competitive FPS game from Ubisoft should be receiving a much needed update to how ranked works in Siege.

The new upcoming update should make it easier for the matchmaking system to find players of a similar skill level to yours. Players will be matched up with and against similar skilled players for the first time since the release of Rainbow Six Siege. In the past the ranking system attempted to match up players with a similar rank but for a long time the rank system would match up coppers and bronzes with silver, golds and sometimes even higher ranks.

Recently a patch was made to bring more balance to the ranks between each team but the upcoming update should now focus on a player's skill instead of their current ranking. The balancing will focus on attributes such as their recent performance and their number of hours in Rainbow Six Siege.

The upcoming patch for Rainbow Six Siege won't add any additional changes to the game and once it launches it should only bring the servers down for roughly 30 minutes of maintenance as the patch is applied. Because of the nature of the patch, it's unlikely a client update will be needed because all of the changes will mostly likely be made to the server.

Have you played the ranked mode in Rainbow Six Siege? What has your experience been with being matched up with players of differing skill levels?