New Playable Demo

If you're looking to play a hands-on gameplay demo of the new God of War ascension, then it may come as good news to you that the Blu-ray edition of Total Recall, a reboot of the 1990 Sci-Fi adventure of the same name, will include a downloadable demo for the new God of War game.

Although at this point we're uncertain of what will unfold within the demo, the SCEA product marketing manager, Anthony Caiazzo, has said, "The demo includes the new gameplay mechanics and combat systems we showed off earlier this summer, so you can get a taste of all of the brutal action before the game launches next March."

The new God of War, which is set to release in early March 2013, will follow Kratos as he attempts to sever ties with the God of War, Ares, who tricked Kratos into murdering his wife and child, by defeating the three Furies.

Like Anthony Caiazzo has mentioned, God of War Ascenscion will feature a revamped combat and weapon system, as well as new gameplay mechanics such as promptless mini-games and activities to be played within the story.

God of War ascension will be the first story within the series when put next to the previous games in chronological order.

The new reboot of Total Recall is a great movie too, so if you're into action and adventure, the God of War demo is a nice added touch to the Blu-ray package.

How would you design a custom controller to match Kratos from the God of War franchise.

Written by Ollie Green.