New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Characters

If you're strangely unsatisfied with the huge amount of characters, stages and customization options in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, you may be in for a treat.

Namco Bandai Games, the developer behind the new Tekken Tag Tournament 2, has released a new patch for the game, which if it hasn't already, should roll out for everyone on both PS3 and Xbox 360 very shortly.

Unlike most patches, the new 1.02 patch for Tag Tournament 2 won't be a boring bunch of code added to the game, hiding without proof of existence.

The new patch will be adding a few new characters to TTT2, as well as new stages and custom items. The three new characters are named Miharu, Sebastian, and Slim Bob.

Four new fighting stages have been added to the game; Odeum of Illusions in Poland, Extravagant Underground in Russia, Modern Oasis in Saudi Arabia, and Moai Excavation in Chile.

As well as the new characters and fighting stages, there have been more customization options and items added, as well as a brand new multiplayer mode named Online World Arena. The Arena is split into different sub-regions within the world to allow players to find the best connection for their matches, and there are separate lobbies within each of the sub-regions.

When you enter a lobby, other players in the lobby will appear and you can choose to play against others or play against random opponents. Each lobby can house up to 64 players, with each player holding a square within the lobby with their name attached below it. If you and your friends join the same online lobby it will be easy to find your friends and play battles or plan tournaments with this new game mode.

Written by Ollie Green