Evil Ambassador Copiozo's Thoughts on upcoming Green Lantern video game.

You know, it seems that the best movies out there these days are usually ones based on nerd stuff that I like like video games and comic books....with a few titles we wish that didn't get on the big screen (coughcoughFantastic Fourcoughcough). While they are huge hits and are part of my vast DVD library, the best movies nearly almost make the worst video games. This is usually to generate more cash for the movie (the term "cash-in" is used for this case).

In comes the Green Lantern movie's video game, Rise of the Manhunters. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Green Lantern (all versions of him). He's one of my favorite superheros of the DC universe, heck I can even recite the oath in my sleep. And I'm very excited for the movie coming this summer. But when I heard of a Green Lantern movie tie-in video game, I cringed a bit. Because like any gamer, I know what to expect.

However, I did cut the slack of my views on that were movie tie-in games = bad games to good movies (coughcoughIronman 2coughcough) and take a look at the movies and screenshots so far released by WB Studios.

So after viewing the screen captures and the released trailers for the game, I've come to the conclusion that while the developers are trying their best to make a game to break out of the bad image movie tie-in games have, it seems like they wandered into a "God of War clone" territory. While it is great they are using the full function of the ring that Hal Jordan acquires, I do feel like the game is going to turn like a God of War clone set in the DC universe with the Ryan Reynolds likeness slapped onto Hal. There are even a few scenes that look exactly like God of War quick-time events ("mash X to pound your enemies into the ground!), which today, is a bit of a worn out and overused feature.

Now I know the game isn't out now, and you shouldn't make your decision on my opinion alone, but I'm just here to inform you of what I think. I could be right, I could be wrong. We will have to wait for the game's release. In the meantime, if you want to play a good God of War clone, play Dante's Inferno.