Codemasters has announced a few upcoming DLC packs for GRID 2 including a DLC pack that adds the Demolition Derby mode previously seen in the first GRID game.

According to Codemasters, the developers of GRID 2 plan on releasing a free community patch that adds multiple changes on the game that reflect players feedback since the release of the game. The free patch will include the demolition derby mode, along with some other changes and will hit GRID 2 this August.

Some of the changes make differences to the custom playlist, hardcore playlist and an update to the level cap, increasing the highest level from 30 to a huge 99. A lot more changes will be made to the game in this free update including a few tweaks to the racing system and an overhaul to the anti cheat system.

Community manager Ben Walke also went on to discuss two new DLC track packs.

"These packs will each contain a new circuit, some cars and also include new achievements and trophies for you to obtain. We'll have all the info a bit closer to their release and we think you'll like them."

Although the two DLC packs do cost money, it's nice to see GRID 2 have a patch that adds content that doesn't cost anything on top of the original cost of the game.