A bit of confusion has hit the internet this week. Dozens of video games websites have reported that GTA Online may have 32 player support instead of the previously announced 16 players, thanks to the help of a bunch of friendly hackers who sifted through GTA V's code to find information on a 32 player cap for online play.

The bad news is that Rockstar has dismissed this as just a rumor, and have then confirmed on twitter that the cap will be only 16 players.

@RockstarGames said "Not sure where that rumor came from but GTA Online will support 16 players."

This leaves open the possibilities for 32 player game modes outside of GTA Online that players may have to queue up to join through virtual lobbies. Perhaps we will see 32 player deathmatches or something similar. This is of course just speculation and does go against what Rockstar have already stated.

Other news that has circulated due to players messing around with GTA V's files includes PS4 and PC framework code, so perhaps Rockstar plan on releasing the game for both next gen consoles and the PC in the future.