Rockstar made a post on their website This week to announce that their new open world game, Grand Theft Auto V has finally gone gold. This means that the game is 100% finished and fully developer and Rockstar will now work on manufacturing and shipping out copies to ensure we can all get the game on it's release day, September 17.

Earlier in the year Rockstar delayed the release of Grand Theft Auto V so that they could work on the game more and fine tune the experience for the players of the game, however this time round, the stated September 17 release date will be the true final release date for the game.

Rockstar also mentioned that some gameplay leaks happened due to a glitch in the system of the PlayStation Network's digital pre-order system. Some PS3 owners managed to download the game as soon as they pre-ordered, and this caused some leaks around the web.

The footage included some in-game TV cut-scenes that will be viewable at some point in the game, and videos and images have been sent around the web.

Rockstar has pointed out that they are disappointed about the leaks, but it looks as if there isn't any actual gameplay footage leaks at this point.