A Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has published an issue that includes an interview with Rockstar. Within the interview, Famitsu goes on to giving details about some so far unspoken of features within the Grand Theft Auto V universe.

Like seen in the gameplay trailer, animals will play a part in Grand Theft Auto V. According to Famitsu, there will be more than 15 animals within the game. Some of which players will encounter in the wild, and will be available to hunt. Players will also be able to get a pet dog and give that dog new accessories. The dog can be lost, although we're not sure whether this means the dog can be killed or whether it can be 'misplaced' within the game, and whether you'll be able to get a new dog is currently unknown.

Players will also be able to play underwater for the first time, and Grand Theft Auto V even has an underwater story mission. This mission will be played out by Trevor and Michael with jet skis.

Famitsu also confirmed the Japanese release date for GTA V to be October 10, 2013. The rest of the world will be getting the game on September 17th this year.