After hours of non-stop gaming, ever wonder if there was a way to keep your eyes from hurting? I know you guys out there, whether you play computer games or console games, know exactly what I am talking about. Your eyes turn heavy and dry. They also begin to hurt after a while. Sometimes the feeling becomes almost unbearable and you have to lie down in order to subdue the pain.

Well if you have this problem, and you have been wishing there was something you could do about it. Your wish has been granted! Gunnar glasses are a product created by a company called Gunnar Optiks. They created a special pair of glasses using the i-Amp technology to help out us hardcore gamers. Now, they didnt create some dorky looking glasses either. Lucky for us they are stylish and can be used even when we are not gaming. You can put them on even if youre just surfing the internet or watching tv. They provide us with a sharper and clearer image. So there is less strain on the eyes. Now we can all have even more fun sitting in front of the computer or in front of our TV and play even longer. Im sure our parents will be so excited!

So Im sure all of you are excited about being able to stay on your favorite games all day and night. But before you can, you must get a pair. You can find them on our Evil Controllers website. Hence everyone take advantage of this opportunity to better yourself along with your playing skills and game it up!

-Evil Brittany

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