H3CZ Leaves Optic for NRG

The former CEO of eSports group OpTic Gaming Hecz has announced that he’s leaving the company and joining the eSports group NRG as the company’s Co-CEO.

The move was announced in a September 15th YouTube video where Hecz posted his journey through working with OpTic and sharing what his future moves will be. This is the first team change for Hecz, whose real name is Hector Rodriguez. He had previously been with OpTic since 2007, but the group was purchased by Immortals Gaming Club, and Hecz thought it was time to move on.

He reportedly turned down an offer by OpTic to remain in his current role.

In the video Hecz says, “No matter what, just understand that I will continue to do everything in my power to try to repay you. By bringing you a story, keeping you excited, by continuing to share the moments that we have all grown to share in the last decade of work.”

It’s currently not known what role Hecz will have at NRG, but we can assume that he’ll be working in a similar fashion, albeit with a fresh team.

NRG has been making waves recently, as they announced that they’ve formed a Call of Duty franchise based in Chicago.

We’re hotly anticipating the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare on October 25th, 2019, and it appears that various teams are making adjustments to their operations in preparation for the upcoming wave of events tailored around the game.

You can view the full YouTube video from Hecz below:

Evil Controllers once sponsored Optic Gaming and have had a close relationship with Hecz in the past. As a result, we wish him the best in his on-going eSports career.