Gears 5 Launches to Positive Reviews

The Coalition’s newest crack at the Gears of War franchise has officially launched, as Gears 5 is available for play now… and the first reviews are highly positive for the shooter.

The game launched at 9 pm EDT on Thursday and is available for download on Xbox and Windows. Reviewers and players alike have given glowing reviews of Gears 5, with the visuals, gameplay, and sheer size of the maps. Of course, the story mode and multiplayer modes are also getting love from those who’ve played the game. As of press time, Gears 5 holds an 86 at Metacritic from critics, with an 8.9 rating from players.

Gears 5 is following up the mixed Gears of War 4, which introduced Kait Diaz. The new game continues that storyline, as Kait looks to battle the Locust hordes with JD Fenix and Delmont Walker.

To go along with the launch, an exclusive Gears 5 controller has been launched, and the design is simply stunning. An exclusive Xbox One X console has also been launched with the game’s logo and custom design printed on it, and it similarly looks amazing.

Of course, we at Evil Controllers can work on Gears 5 controllers, adjusting them to your liking. You can get shift paddles, adjustable stick tension, hairpin triggers, custom designs, and more.

It should be noted that you can get access right now to Gears 5 if you have Xbox’s Game Pass service, as all Microsoft-owned studio game releases are available from day 1. If you have the service, you have no excuse but to download the game and start blasting away