Halo 5 Grunt Goblin

It may sound odd, but the 343 Industries team are adding a new enemy to Halo 5 Warzone and it's called the 'Grunt Goblin'

The new Grunt Goblin will appear in games as either a Legendary or a Mythic boss. It's essentially a large covenant mech that seems to be the enemy equivalent to a Mantis. It's operated by a grunt and has a very, very large needler and a big fist that looks menacingly capable of smashing through pretty much anything.

Character designer Steve Dyck left a few statements about the new vehicle. "There are two variants of the Grunt Goblin with different capabilities. "Essentially, the backstory of this battle suit is it was built by Grunts for Grunts in what the Grunt designers agreed was the perfect embodiment of agility and lethality."

Senior systems designer Chris Proctor chipped in to say that, "Unlike other vehicles, the Grunt Goblin cannot be hijacked or boarded and has a complete immunity to EMP effects." This means plasma pistols aren't going to be any use against the Grunt Goblin.

The secret to taking down the Goblin's needler, which is dual barrelled and has the ability to barrage up to eight players at once, is to destroy the Grunt Goblin's backpack. The Grunt Goblin really is just a big grunt and for the first time in Halo history, it's actually something you should give a little bit of respect when fighting against it.