halo 5 hammer storm february 2016

The next free update for Halo 5 will be hitting servers later this month and like previous updates before it, it will include some new game modes for multiplayer and a range of new items that can be picked up through REQ packs.

Perhaps the biggest addition to this month's free update is the inclusion of Griffball. Griffball is one of the most popular mini games for Halo and it features two teams as they fight to pick up a ball and place it in the opposing team's goal in a small court room. The reason why Griffball is so special is because players are loaded up with gravity hammers and energy swords.

Speaking of gravity hammers, this weapon will be making a big splash in Warzone this month - available as a rare REQ, the gravity hammer is sure to have a big impact on the playing field. It's hard to say whether there will be any extra REQs for the gravity hammer but the new Hammer Storm update will include a number of extra REQs for the assault rifle and the DMR.

Some new gun skins will be added in Hammer Storm alongside a number of new armor items, including the featured Decimator and Marauder armor sets.

Finally, the new Hammer Storm update will be introducing a brand new 343-created arena map named Torque. Unlike previous map releases, Torque has been crafted by 343 outside of Forge so it really is a brand new map in every sense of the word.