Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One is a big thing for some gamers, but it doesn't come with its own little hiccups. Halo Reach has been available on the Xbox One via the backwards compatibility feature for a while now, but the performance for the game has been terrible.

Until now, players have struggled to play Halo Reach on the Xbox One without having juttery frames, freezes and crashes. Thankfully a brand new patch has been released for Halo Reach that has been designed to fix all the performance issues entirely.

The new update has been confirmed to help with frame rate on Halo Reach and from early tests it seems as if the game is now running as smooth as ever. Not only is Halo Reach on the Xbox One now working smoothly, but in some cases it has a higher frame rate than the original Xbox 360 version.

Now that we know that patches like this are possible for backwards compatible games, we wonder whether it'd ever be possible for a developer to revive a once-popular Xbox 360 title with new content and additional content updates.

Backwards compatibility for the Xbox One has grown massively over the past few months and the backwards compatible game library is now filled with over 100 titles. A lot of the BC titles are some of the most popular Xbox 360 games, too. Give it a few months and anybody still clinging onto their Xbox 360 may find that they can finally upgrade without losing out on any of their favorite games.